How To Remove Debris From Your Gutter

Maintaining the integrity of your home relies on keeping water as far away as possible. Seeping water causes degeneration of vital structures and the development of mold and mildew. Keeping your gutters free of debris is your first line of defense against the headaches of costly home repair.   Here we’ll teach you how to … more »

Will solar panels damage my roof?

While solar energy legislation in Indiana has gone through some major changes in the past year, the demand for solar installation in both commercial and residential applications continues to grow. Solar data from Indiana’s 2018 Q1 report states that 33,714 homes in the state are currently powered by solar, producing 295.76 MW of power (about … more »

Why routine maintenance is important for your roof

Out of sight, out of mind is a dangerous attitude to have towards roof maintenance. But this pattern is common amongst homeowners. Furnishing, decorating, and cleaning your home are all important, but without a properly maintained roof, you could be throwing money away.   Even if you’ve recently replaced your roof, routine roof maintenance is … more »

How To Save Your Wallet From A Roofing Disaster

A house is worthless without its roof, yet many homeowners neglect their roofs until disaster strikes. Roofs can collapse or leak, threatening your safety, health, and possessions. Homeowners should pay just as much attention to their roofs as they do to their plumbing, electrical, and other necessary home functions. Sometimes it’s as simple as looking … more »

Cool Gutter Finish Ideas to Add Style to Your Home

Well, it’s come time for you to start planning out the purchase of new gutters for your home, either due to recently replacing the roof, adding them to your home, or simply come time to replace your existing gutters. Often never noticed, rain gutters occupy a prominent place on many homes. They are frequently perched … more »
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