How Do Clogged Gutters Damage Your Roof?

We’ve been talking about gutter cleaning the past couple posts, but now it’s time to explain why keeping your gutters clean is an important step in protecting your roof. Clogged gutters can cost you thousands of dollars in damage — in foundation issues, ruined siding and washed out landscaping. But it can also wreak havoc … more »

5 Best Practices of Gutter Cleaning

In our previous post we discussed the importance of cleaning out your home’s gutter system on a regular maintenance schedule. We also discussed what NOT to do when attempting to clean out your gutters and some of the hazards to avoid when trying to conduct gutter maintenance, whether that includes getting on top of your … more »

Gutter Cleaning 101

Whether you’re attempting gutter cleaning from the ground, up on a ladder, or even on top of your roof (not highly recommended), the truth is you are probably overlooking some critical safety precautions and putting your yourself and close ones at risk of serious personal injury.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of homeowners and their … more »

What Prospects Look for in a Roof When Buying a New Home

Selling your home can be somewhat of a fortunate hassle. The idea of putting a home on the market that you’ve outgrown and starting anew is an exciting scenario. Not understanding why your home is not attracting viable buyers on the other hand is an entirely separate predicament. But what you might not know is … more »

What Homebuyers Look for in a Roof When Buying a New Home

You’ve put a lot effort into your Indianapolis home. Cleaning, prepping, manicuring, remodeling, and having it properly maintenance regularly. All in hopes that one day, if you were ever to sell your fortress, you’d be able to, if not make a profit, then settle on a fairly reasonable price. But what if I were to … more »
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