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Drywall Finishes To Add Style To Your Home

Aug 8th, 2019 // Uncategorized

When it comes to sprucing up home decor, most people opt for sifting through paint swatches and adding expensive gallery artwork in order to provide style and flair to their home. Yet one of the most overlooked and trendiest options to consider as an alternative is adding drywall finishes.

Considering drywall finishes can alter both wall color and texture, drywall is an excellent option to add a unique aesthetic to your home. Because the options for your ceilings and walls are endless, we’ve comprised our top four favorite ideas for you to try in order to transform your house in a way you may not have imagined before.

Mud Swirl

A mud swirl finish appears to almost look like a rainbow, and adds a clean and classic finish to any texture. Created with slow, controlled and aligned brush strokes, this finish timelessly establishes a cohesive appearance to any living room or ceiling. Mud swirl is the perfect finish for those who opt for a more sophisticated yet understated option, adding intentional touches in a way that is less distracting. Though this finish is most commonly applied on ceilings, a mud swirl finish could also be applied in a large room as an accent wall to bring character into the home. Once the drywall is installed and ready to go, this finish can also really stand out in a room with surrounding classic white walls with this finish and light gray paint to serve as a modern accent.

Skip Trowel

For a refined look, a skip trowel finish is an excellent alternative to consider. Popular in many homes, this technique is bold yet blends well to the majority of home styles. Almost offering a stucco-like finish, this skip trowel finishes are created using a skip trowel, applied into the mud by hand. With refined knife strokes smoothing over bumps, this finish is a great option to make an intentional statement with a clean finish. Consider applying a skip trowel finish to your ceiling within common rooms to create a beautiful yet brazen touch.

Slap Brush

Comprised of a variety of patterns and techniques, slap brush is one of the more versatile finishes that can slightly vary depending on whoever finishes your drywall. Offering a unique texture, this technique is applied in a way that splashes mud spread in numerous directions that implements a variety of eye-catching patterns. The beauty of this finish is that slap brushing demonstrates an almost artistic approach as the end result is at the discretion of the craftsman applying it. To tailor this approach to a specific style, know that smaller and more intricate brush strokes will lead to a more detailed pattern, and broader more widespread strokes will allow this finish to blend more wholely. Therefore, if you’re looking to stand out and create accents, opt for the former. For a striking but mild pattern, apply in blended and even strokes.


Somewhat comparable to a mud swirl finish, the comb finish brings more precision and texture to the drywall to stand out. A true accent, this texture adds the most style, flair, and trend than any other finish listed above. Typically, this finish is implemented with a trowel that adds small lines within the arc frame, many which can take the form of zig zags, different curves, or other creative forms. Some even consist of circular patterns that add an extremely specific element to enhance every room. For the person with chic taste, this finish is the perfect accent to try on a wall to truly bring an unmatched texture and style to any room.

These four textures can certainly offer a feasible effort to bring any room or ceiling in your home to life. With a finish for nearly every interior preference, consider choosing a finish to entertain your guests or for your own appreciation to liven your home. Beyond these four finishes, there are dozens of other finish opportunities to create drywall textures, and maybe even some that have yet to be discovered. Let us know your preference to create a unique finish, and give us a call today.

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