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Ridge Vent Installation

Why is roof ventilation important?

The seasons changing can create some tricky situations for your roof. The fluctuation of heat and humidity can cause uncomfortable temperatures in your home, raise your energy bill and even cause damage to the materials that make up your roof. Thankfully, roof ventilation can help.

You can trust our Indianapolis roofing contractors to install a ventilation system that extends the lifespan of your roof, and helps your home dodge all the troubles that come along with improper ventilation.

How does roof ventilation help my home?

If the second story of your home is noticeably warmer than the first floor, it’s not always a sign that your air conditioner is failing. More commonly, this temperature disparity is caused by improper roof venting.

Roof ventilation promotes air flow to regulate the internal temperature of your home. Hot air is allowed to rise and escape through the roof, while cold air is allowed to enter. If indoor heat and humidity are making your air conditioner work overtime and leading to costly energy bills, it may be time to call in a professional roof contractor.
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What is a ridge vent?
Ridge vents are an important part of a roof’s ventilation system. They are installed at the peak of your roof, and travel along the length of your home. Beneath the ridge vent are holes that allow air to escape from your attic and travel through the vent, out into the open air.

As the hot air from your attic escapes through the ridge vent, fresh air flows in through ventilation slits in the air inlet. This exhaust/intake system doesn’t need to be powered by electricity because of this natural exchange of air.
Can a ridge vent prevent damage to my home?
Aside from providing cool, fresh air for your home, ridge vents have another property that extends the life of your roof. Improved air flow actually prevents a number of costly side effects that happen due to the elements.
  • Mold – Humid air can turn your attic into a breeding ground for mold. Ridge vents allow that humid air to escape, and replace it with fresh, cool air.
  • Ice dams and icicles – Most problems with the accumulation of ice on your roof come from improper ventilation. Warm air trapped beneath your roof causes snow to melt, which then reforms as ice and gets trapped on your roof. In some cases, that snowmelt can enter your home, stain your ceiling and walls, and ruin your insulation. Ridge vents keep warm air moving, so it doesn’t have a chance to melt the snow on your roof.
What do I need to prepare for the installation of Ridge Vent?
For this, the main thing is to have an adequate air intake, which is cool and cool. Thanks to the ventilation the hot and humid air is expelled, the ventilation slits in the air inlet help the fresh air flow to the attic and to the rest of the house.

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