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Interior and Exterior Painting

All You Need to Know About Interior and Exterior Painting

The painting of your house is your letter of introduction to guests. Paint protects walls, windows and even doors. It’s not only an aesthetic value, but provides durability. When it comes to painting the interior or exterior of your Indianapolis home, it is best to leave it in expert hands. Having a team of reliable and experienced contractors will give your home a totally new look. The materials, a variety of colors to choose from, work efficiency, and even the necessary cleaning post-paint job is guaranteed with Bauerle’s painting services. .

Interior painting services include painting, moving, labor, removing old paint, preparing surfaces to be painted, filling holes, repairing cracks when necessary and protecting your furniture.


What is the process for interior painting?
First, a contractor will have to move all the furniture, preferably to the center of the room to protect from paint splatter. Then the walls are prepped by filling holes or repairing cracks. That’s when the painting begins. Your painting contractor will start from the top and work their way to the bottom.
What is the process for exterior painting?
It’s necessary to move objects that are adjacent to your home/business. You may need your home power-washed before painting begins. Then protection is placed in each place where necessary. The next thing is to remove the old paint and begin to paint. Multiple layers of paint are needed to provide durability and protection.
What do I need before the painters’ team arrives?
For interior painting, move small and fragile objects and light furniture (if necessary). Our team of painters will be responsible for moving heavy objects.
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