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Gutter Repair and Replacement

Why should I hire a roof contractor to clean my gutters?

Cleaning a gutter seems like a simple enough project for the average homeowner. Generally you can pinpoint where a clog has accumulated judging by where water spills over your gutter. But the reality is that clogged gutters often call for professional attention from a roof contractor.

Removing debris and obstructions are just the start of our gutter cleaning service. Bauerle’s contractors flush your downspouts to ensure that water isn’t just flowing, but properly flowing away from your home.

We ensure the integrity of your gutters, making sure mold, mildew and a host of other problems don’t cause more severe complications for your gutter system or your home. In short, if you’re facing a simple clogged gutter, our roof contractors make sure the issue remains simple for years to come.
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Can clogged gutters damage my home?
They sure can. Clogged gutters don’t just cause water to spill into your yard or driveway. They can lead to cracks in the foundation of your home, and potentially water leaking into your basement. Needless to say, the costs associated with those damages are hard to swallow.

If you’ve already noticed signs of greater damage caused by your clogged gutters, there’s no time like the present. Call in the professional roof contractors at Bauerle to set things straight. We can address the existing damage and set up a regular cleaning schedule to prevent damage down the road.
How much does gutter cleaning cost?
The total cost of your gutter cleaning depends on a number of factors. Some of these you can account for — like your home’s square footage and how many stories you have. Both of those factors influence the total length of your gutter, which means more surface area for our roof contractors to tend to.

One factor that you can’t always account for are the obstacles encountered while getting to the clogged downspout or gutter. Some clogs are simple enough to fix, while others are much more complicated and time-consuming to repair.

Our roof contractors offer free estimates before they start any job on your roof. You can get yours below, so you can estimate that cost of getting your gutters back to pristine condition.

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