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Chimney Flashing Repair

All You Need to Know About Chimney Flashing Repair and Replacement

A big misconception about chimneys is that they are low maintenance. Although not all chimneys have visible problems, it’s important to be mindful of any potential problems that chimney flickering or flashing could cause.

Chimney Flashing is a metal plate that is installed around the area where the chimney meets the roof. The blink ensures that the connection is airtight between the chimney and the roof. These metals last for quite a while, but have an expiration date and you should be alert to any visible damage.


How do I know if I should replace the Chimney Flashing?
Climate is one of the biggest factors affecting Chimney Flashing, if it is eroded or lacks a necessary part, it should be replaced. Most flashings are made with durable metals which can be oxidized. This is a sure sign that it may be time to replace the Chimney Flashing in your home.
How can I check if the Chimney Flashing is leaking?
Unfortunately, leaks are not always easy to detect but can cause significant damage if not treated properly. If moisture constantly penetrates your roof, it can cause part of the structure to rot, damaging the roof and even the walls. You should be checking your chimney for leaks, and when nothing is detected, still hire a chimney repair professional to take a look.

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