Extending the Life Span of Your Roof

Your roof is a vital component of your home and its overall infrastructure. It’s important that you take steps to extend your shingle roof lifespan. Listed below are some valuable advice and tips that can help ensure that your shingle roof looks great for a long time.   Select the right color of shingles When buying … more »

How to Keep Your Gutters Clean in the Spring

Spring cleaning is usually a great opportunity to tackle projects that they normally don’t have time for during the rest of the year. Typically this involves indoor tasks such as organizing the pantry or scrubbing the basement floor. But your gutters are one spring cleaning necessity that you probably don’t think about as the weather … more »

What to Look for in a Roof Inspector

Many homeowners attempt to save a dollar here and there by taking on projects themselves and becoming DIY’ers. However, some items on that To-Do list should really be left to the professionals. One item that homeowners quickly turn over to the professionals is the inspection of their roof as it is vitally important to the … more »

Selling Your Home? Get Your Roof Up To Code

Looking to sell your home soon? Have you thought about whether or not your roof is up to code? The roof over your head can be easily forgotten about when preparing your home to go onto the market when you have other things to worry about like paint, appliances, current housing market and everything else … more »

How to Keep Your Attic Dry

Often times when homeowners think of an area that can attract dampness their minds instantly go to the basement, especially in the Indianapolis area, and the bathroom. Indeed both of these areas have a high aptitude to become somewhat damp throughout the year, but the most missed area would actually be the attic. What are … more »
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