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How to Pick the Right Roofing Materials to Match the Style of Your Home

May 3rd, 2021 // Blog, Roof Installation

Your home is yours, which means whatever your style may be, you have the ability to live in a structure of self-expression— to a degree. (No one wants to live next to a bright orange house with an orange roof. Not to mention the property value for that giant peach of a home would significantly drop.) But, your roof is a major part of the design and style of your home, and with the cost of installing a new one, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice that you’ll love five, ten, fifteen years from now. 

This can be one of the most fun aspects of roof installation. Before you even have anyone step foot on a ladder to start taking down old shingles, spend some time playing around with colors, materials, textures, and styles that are obtainable within your budget. This way, you’ll have a custom combination that will give your home character and a feel that’s uniquely yours. 

Color Combos 

The color of your roof can make all the difference to the look of your home. Some colors can make your home look more dated or retro, while others can elevate it to a more modern design scheme. Currently, dark colored homes are popping up everywhere. Charcoal, black, matte grey, and deep navy are all exterior colors that are trending. So what color roofs are best? Variations of grey, even black create a unique, contemporary look. A brown roof, for example, with these colors may stand out too much and take away from the style of your home. 

 In the end, the colors are up to you—you’ll be the one living with them. But if you have inspirations or specific ideas for how you want things to look, work with a professional to help you choose the roof colors that will be exactly what you want. 

Textures & Materials 

There are so many different materials for roofs that all create unique design experiences. Tile looks significantly different from asphalt shingles. Metal roofs look nothing like wood. How you want to update your home depends on the materials you use for the roof. 

If you want a longer lasting, more rustic look, wood shingles are a long-term solution that matches that design desire. If you have a modern home and you want to keep that sleek, chic look, metal roofs provide long-lasting durability as well as a slick style. 

Tried and True Rules of Thumb 

If you’re not a design expert or unsure what type of roof or the color you’d like, follow these simple tips to get the best results. One rule is that your roof shingles should always be darker than the siding of your home. This helps create a visual grounding and balance for your home. 

Classic homes without a specific architectural style do well with darker shingles, as well. They go with almost everything, look nice, and add curb appeal to your home. More specific home styles, like colonial or craftsman, can look great with softer tones, neutral colors, and a lighter look. 

If you are looking for advice and guidance on how to design the perfect roof for your home, schedule an appointment with us—we’ll help you create the perfect combination.

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