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How to Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

Feb 17th, 2021 // Roof Installation, Roof Repair

Joy of joys! There are only a few weeks left of winter before we can officially welcome in spring. And just as quickly as the cold came in, the balmy, wet conditions of spring will come. This means there are a few things you should do to get your roof ready for the change. But don’t worry—moving from winter to spring is much easier than fall to winter. Take an afternoon and knock out these simple tips to be ready for spring. 

Check Your Roof 

Winter weather is about as predictable as the news cycle, so as soon as the weather eases up, it’s a good idea to check for damage. Take some time to inspect your shingles, flashing, and gables (if you have them). Pay close attention to the granules on shingles. If they seem to be wearing down, it may be time to replace those with balding patches. If shingles are ripped or are curling, which is a sign of warping, this is also a good time to replace them. 

If you see any signs of damage, now is the time for repairs so you roof will be ready for spring rain, summer heat, and the next winter. 

Clean Your Gutters 

Just like the dentist tells you to floss your teeth regularly, any roofer will tell you to clean your gutters regularly—especially after winter. Debris has a clever way of piling up when we least expect it, and with spring showers on their way, you’ll want to make sure your gutters are cleared, cleaned, and ready for the rain. 

This is also a good time to inspect your gutters for any damage. Check for warping, weak spots, severe bends or breaks in the main pipes, and be sure your downspout is attached properly and placed in an area away from your home to prevent moisture build up in your basement. 

Check Inside 

If you have an accessible attic, it’s a good time to check for any damage that may have occurred over winter. Look for any holes, big and small, check for moisture in your rafters and walls, and if you see any bubbling or feel soft spots, call in a professional to get to the bottom of the issue. These warning signs are often caused by moisture building up under your ceilings and walls. 

If you don’t have an attic, inspect your ceilings and the tops of your walls for any water stains, bubbling, or drywall deterioration. These are telltale signs that there is an issue with moisture coming from your roof. 

If you suspect issues with your roof, give us a call. We can perform a full inspection and repairs if damage is found. 

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