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5 Reasons to Keep Your Gutters Clean This Summer

Aug 28th, 2020 // Gutter Repair and Replacement

It’s fair to say, many homeowners are much more preoccupied with other components of their properties than their gutters, especially in the summertime. Tending to landscapes, planting gardens of all varieties, fixing faulty roofs, powerwashing decks are all projects often saved for when the weather gets warm. However, ignoring or forgetting about your gutters is guaranteed to bring trouble come fall, winter, and spring, as these somewhat overlooked apparatices protect your home from a great deal of damage—if they are in turn protected. 

An important part of protecting your home is protecting your gutters. Here are five reasons taking care of them in summer is a good idea. 

Debris can build up

Summer is a great time to clean out your gutters and remove any left over debris from the previous months. Fall brings an abundance of leaves and twigs as trees shed, which can easily get lodged in your gutter and cause build ups and blockage. When rains come and eventually snow, debris prevents the precipitation from exiting the gutter, which can eventually lead to a leaky roof. 

Gutter are homes for animals 

Birds are the most likely culprits of building nests inside gutters, which will quickly prevent water and other materials from flowing freely through the system. This usually happens in the spring when wildlife are beginning to build homes for their expected families. It’s best to check your gutters for nests, sticks, and other materials birds use to build their nests (like straw, thistles, and pretty much whatever they can find) and remove and relocate them as safely as possible. This will help keep them from returning and rebuilding while ensuring your gutters are clean and clear.

Summer can bring storms 

Summer storms are unpredictable. Be prepared by cleaning out your gutters at the beginning of the season so when the rains decide to come, your home is protected. Additionally, it’s a good practice to check your gutters regularly during summer months. Severe storms can blow debris into gutters, blocking them for the next time heavy rain occurs. General upkeep on your gutters will help things function during storms. 

Make repairs when weather’s nice

Cleaning your gutters is something everyone should be doing, however, that isn’t always the solution. Over time, gutters break down. They’re worn by the elements, severe storms, and general wear and tear. Summer, being one of the drier months, is a good time to check your gutters to see if it’s time to replace them, fix any issues, and potentially install covers that will help keep debris and gunk out.

Uncover hidden damage

You can’t see what’s hidden, and when it comes to gutters, if there are leaves and rotting plant debris and sticks and stones and whatever else may have blown into them, you may have damage that’s gone unnoticed, and this can lead to more severe damage to your roof. Make a habit of checking your gutters at the start of summer to see if anything has compromised them. 

If you do have any holes or rust, summer is a great time to replace your gutters or repair them. The dry temperatures and lighter chances of rain give you optimal time to fix the issues before fall comes. 

Remember, gutters are in some ways like exterior plumbing, flushing out what your home doesn’t need. The more you take care of them, the more protected your home will be. If you’re unable to clean or check your gutters safely, give us a call. We’re happy to help perform regular maintenance and repairs. 

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