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Tis the Season for Regular Roof Maintenance

Aug 14th, 2020 // Roof Repair

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. Barbeques, swimming, sunbathing—it’s the time of the year when it’s simple to kick back and relax. But, if you make some time and put in a little work on your roof now, you can live the rest of the year a little easier, too. 

Keeping up with your roof during the summer will help keep it strong and prepared for the colder months, when snow, rain, and harsh conditions put it to the test. Make sure your roof gets a passing grade with these helpful summertime tips. 

Get an inspection 

If you’re comfortable examining your roof, more power to you! However, if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for and what to do when you find an issue, hire a pro to conduct the inspection for you. An inspection will uncover any issues that could lead to big problems. Things like loose shingles, debris build up, cracked or broken shingles can all lead to leaks, which can cause major repairs. Additionally, if you notice fungus around shingles or near chimneys, this may be a sign that you already have a leak. It’s best to go through your roof with an expert eye and in great detail so if you need to make any improvements, you can do so in the summer months before the weather becomes testy. 

Clean your gutters 

Gutters are the gateway for water and elemental bits and pieces to funnel through the external sides of your home. But if things start to get stuck, that funnel fails and you can be left with busted gutters, and even worse, a leaky roof. Once spring transitions into summer, this is a good time to clean your gutters and make any necessary repairs. This way, once summer ends, and fall,  winter, and spring come, your gutters will be ready to perform. 

Patch up holes that can become homes 

When inspecting your roof, if you or the professional you hired discovers holes or larger cracks where critters can crawl in and post up, it’s best to take care of those as soon as possible. Summer is the time when wildlife is most active, and if you’ve got space in your roof for them, they’ll find it and make it their own. 

Birds, rodents, and invasive insects can wreak havoc on your home if you don’t patch up their way in before it’s too late. To make matters worse, if you leave gaps and holes open, these creatures, especially mice and rats, can do more than ruin your roof, they can get into your electrical systems and destroy the interior and exterior of your home. Seal these spaces this summer, and have peace of mind all year round. 

Ensure skylights are secure 

Skylights are a lovely way to bring natural light into your home. But if they aren’t secured and installed properly, they can let in a lot more than light. When the weather warms up, take a look at how your skylights are sealed. Do they have tiny bubbles forming around the sealant? Do you see small gaps, cracks, or soft spots in the area surrounding the skylight? Any infractions in the installation can lead to leaks, water build up, mold, or damage to your roof. If you see anything that’s concerning or you’re unsure, give a pro a call to come in a take look. It’s best to fix or secure things now than wait to see how bad it can get. 

Look for mold 

Sometimes to get to the root of your roof, you need to head inside. If you have an attic, it’s a good idea to go up and take a look, or if you don’t, inspect the ceilings in your home. If you see discolorations (white, brown, dark grey or black), patches that look out of place in wood, or even soft spots, this means you could have mold. If you have soft spots, you could very well have a leak that’s been hoarding water for some time. Mold is not only pesky, but dangerous to have in your home, so check as soon as you can and make plans for repairs if need be. 

Check your roof’s integrity 

Shingles of all sorts are made to last quite a while, however, after years exposed to the elements and the hot, humid summers, they can begin to break down. Check yours to see if the fibers have begun to fall off or deteriorate. If you see a lot of naked or balding shingles, or any that are warping, this is a sign that the heat is taking a toll on your roof. It’s a good time to get replacement shingles, or if you find your roof is in dire straits, replace it completely. 

No matter what you discover about your roof this summer, we’re here to help you keep it looking fresh and functioning well to protect your home. 

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