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The Importance of Wind and Hail Insurance

Feb 20th, 2020 // Roof Repair, Siding Repair and Replacement

A lot of hard work goes into turning your house into a home, so protecting your home from natural disasters such as wind and hail has never been more important. Hail alone costs the U.S. as much as $22 billion a year in damage to homes, cars, crops, people and more! Indiana is in the top 10 states affected by hail damage, with an estimated 456,215 properties affected annually (that’s 18% of Hoosiers!). According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), most wind damage to a roof starts on the edge. Areas like the corners and perimeter of the roof can be susceptible to high wind pressures, while the center of the roof might have lower stresses. Anywhere the roofing material is even a little bit loose, the wind can get below it and push it up, thus giving the wind more to grab onto next time and creating a chain peeling effect. This could eventually expose your home to water damage and all kinds of damages. By keeping your home protected from the elements you can save time and money in the long run and skip the hassle of financing costly repairs! 

What can I do to protect my house from hail and wind?

More than any other part of your house, your roof is vulnerable to hail, but you can reinforce your roof to avoid filing a claim with your insurer. For instance, you could install impact-resistant shingles that are less susceptible to hail damage. More robust roofing could be an investment that saves you the time and money associated with filing a claim and making repairs. Additionally, many homeowners insurance policies offer a premium discount for clients who have an impact-resistant roof. Depending on your risk tolerance and the associated costs of installing impact-resistant roofing and your insurance policy, this could be a strategy to consider, particularly if you’re in a region with a proclivity for hail storms. If you live in a high-risk area, you may be required to purchase additional insurance for your home. Windstorm insurance varies based on the company, the state you live in, and whether or not you’re in a specific zip code or coastal area. Hail is more frequent in certain areas of the country, and insurance policies in those regions are more likely to include restrictions to their hail damage coverage. Whether or not you live in a region that’s at risk, hail storms can happen almost anywhere, and determining exactly how much damage a hail storm has done to your home can be difficult. If your home is impacted by a hail storm, you should hire professional help to independently assess the damage before filing a claim with your insurer.

How do I know if my homeowners insurance covers the damage?

So your home was damaged in a storm, what now? The best thing you can do is report damages immediately. Homeowners insurance will generally cover windstorm and hail damage to your property, and when you file a claim for damages, you pay a fixed-amount deductible before your insurer covers the remainder of the loss. However, if a widespread disaster occurs in your area, the cost of claim representation can increase making coverage and claim resolutions more difficult. Consider seeking the help of a public adjuster or local roofing professional to help identify roof damage following a storm!

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