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Roofing trends 2020: Flat Roofs and The Color of The Year

Jan 2nd, 2020 // Roof Installation

Color of 2020

This year, light-colored roofs are coming into style. Not only do they provide a soft, elegant look to the exterior of your home, but they are perfect for keeping a home cool. In hot temperature states like Arizona, Nevada, California, etc, a light color: icy blue or dusty rose will reflect the sun’s harsh rays from entering your home. If you want a neutral tone to work with, a soft beige would work in unison with any color scheme. A light roof will brighten up your home, and present an opportunity to incorporate a pop of color without overwhelming the rest of the house.

Flat Roofs

A flat roof is a perfect choice for a minimalist. Leaving your house with a chic and modern exterior, it is also quite versatile. By installing a flat roof, you have the opportunity to build on top of your home easily. This option would easily support solar panels, which save energy and benefit the environment by doing so. Besides, a flat roof could home a new green roof- a multi-layer roof topped with vegetation. Lastly, you could opt for a rooftop bar or deck if your roof is easily accessible. This trend leaves room for so much creativity while presenting a modern twist on your home.

Green Roof

As mentioned before, a green roof, or living roof, is a home for plants on top of your building. This type of roofing will save the homeowner on their energy bill, as well as providing a unique addition to your property. Its lifespan is 30-50 years, compared to the 20-year lifespan of traditional shingles. Additionally, living roofs benefit the environment, as they provide a habitat for birds and insects, as well as clean the air in your city. This roofing alternative is perfect for people who are willing to put energy into saving the environment, and for people who want to save money on their energy bill.

Metal Roof

Although metal roofing is more expensive to purchase and install, your lowered energy bills may prove that it is worth the investment. The metal reflects the sunlight, so your house will be well insulated, cutting back on energy and the monthly cost to heat or cool your home. This option is also eco-friendly, as aluminum, the metal typically used in metal roofing, is often made of recycled materials. Plus, aluminum itself is recyclable, so you will be cutting back on waste if you need to change up the roofing style in a few years. This is unlikely though, as this type of roofing has a long and durable lifespan.

Reflective Paint

Reflective paint might not be as eco-friendly, but it does provide an easy option for individuals who do not want to pay for an entire roof makeover. Reflective paint is applied in 2 coats on top of the existing roofing to change up the color scheme and provide a more sustainable energy use. As said before, the paint reflects the sunlight, helping to diffuse and reflect the heat to ultimately insulate your home. This option could potentially be the most cost-effective roofing, as you do not have to replace anything with new materials.

Despite which roofing trend you hop on this year, we have found many cost-efficient and energy-efficient options. Throw a dance party on your flat roof, or plant a garden on top of your home to provide a unique look and experience. Any of these roofing techniques will change the look of your home, as well as save you some money in the long run.

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