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Inspiring Home Exterior Transformations: Before and After

Aug 28th, 2019 // Uncategorized

Though interior design tends to be a popular subject amongst homeowners, exterior transformation significantly transform the curb appeal of a home. And when it comes time to sell a home, the first impression any buyer sees is the exterior work in place. Whether the motivation is to list a home or for family enjoyment, exterior transformations allow for greater curb appeal to buyers and strangers alike.

Visualizing exterior changes for homes may be a challenge, but there are plenty of modifications that can be performed easily to homes to enhance them in the eye of the beholder. Here are some examples of exterior transformations that may just inspire you to consider transforming your home, too, along with a few simple modifications that can go a long way depending on your style of home.

Create the illusion of additional features

This refined rancher embodies the warmth of a cabin nestled within a normal neighborhood, all from creating an illusion. The complimentary vintage green painted wood and wood finishes offer a subtle and affordable adjustment, changing the overall feel of the home. Adding rustic wooded barn doors alluding to a garage offers immediate curb appeal, and the stonework framing the driveway invites guests in.

The wooden framed gable also entails a modern flair but does so without the expense of adding an entirely new roof, that may have cost more than the exterior remodels in its entirety. Finally, adding expounding on the picture windows in the front of the home by removing the blinds and shutters creates the appearance of more additional space to host guests, though the size of the home remains the same.

Make one small accent change

With a fresh coat of modern white paint, this home is nearly transformed with a new color and trim to correspond. Considering the interior fixtures, furniture, and exterior landscaping remain the same, the only changes provided in this complete home transformation are paint and windows. The light exposing picture windows that replace the original casement windows immediately brighten up the home by allowing the appearance of more space. This one accent alone changes the entire appearance, along with the bonus shed dormer window added to create even more alluded space.

Add on instead of remodeling

This transformation focuses on adding new home features to expand the home instead of remodeling or diminishing previous existing factors, which in many cases, can be a more affordable option, especially in the case of older homes. This transformation example adds striking features to the exterior, including white columns that capture the eye, an elevated front porch with a beautiful steel railing, additional paneling that highlight the already bright windows, and a gable to elevate and accentuate the size of the home. Notice that the majority of the changes, even the paneling, can be added to the existing elements of the home. Such additions can bring a home to life and add a completely different dimension.

Be inspired by what you already have

This popular, two-story suburban home looks night and day from its original form, but the irony is that this transformation hinges on the original attributes of the home. Painting the shutters a modern color, adding new trim, and changing the wood to paneling still reflect many of the traditional features of the home. In fact, they highlight the windows, double garage, shutters, and create a more inviting entryway, expanding on many of the subtle features that make the home memorable in the first place.

Though exterior home renovations can be overwhelming at a glance, thoughtful additions like the above transformations can be implemented across any home. Whether your budget is large or small, there are many options to continue to develop the home you love and transform it for the better for years to come.

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