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Preventative Roof Repair Will Save You Major Cash

Aug 16th, 2019 // Uncategorized

Roof repair can quickly become one of the most expensive aspects of homeownership. Considering the average roof replacement can cost anywhere upwards of $7,000-$10,000, spending time to protect your roof through preventative care can save thousands.

Essentially, preventative roof maintenance serves as an effective measure to be pro-active, and ensure your roof has a longer life. Such maintenance includes inspecting a roof, scheduling inspections, and taking necessary precautions to protect a roof. Though many homeowners wait until a major storm or event to ensure their roof is cared for, preventative roof repair can save major cash, and prevent headaches down the road from severe and irrevocable damage that may occur.

Awareness of Current Condition

Though many homeowners are aware of the last time their roof was replaced, far fewer spend time examining their roof until it’s too late. More realistically, most homeowners begin to inspect their roof only in the wake of a leak or imminent storm damage. When this damage is not caught initially, it can lead to extremely greater expenses down the road. Preventative roof repair and even an inspection allow for professionals to examine and ensure your roof is in great shape, saves thousands in the long run simply by creating awareness.

Leak Prevention

Unnoticed water leaks from rain and high winds take time to develop, and over time can deteriorate a roof. Unfortunately, not addressing these issues immediately can lead to major problems such as cracked shingles and loose flashing. Such concerns are not always noticeable at first glance but gone untreated, can become severe issues to fix. Preventative roof repair examines for leaks and ensures that proper precautions are put in place so that water damage does not continue.

Lower Costs

Routine maintenance and repairs to your roof can bring a roof’s lifespan to 25-30 years, saving thousands and thousands of dollars at the expense some face by having their roof replaced twice within the same time frame. With a roof being one of the most expensive components of a home, smaller repairs are much easier to implement and also significantly lower the cost to any preventative measures applied to your roof. Scheduling prompt repairs when warning signs become evident to allow for quick action to address any concerns that may arise.

Maintain Warranty

Though many homeowners assume that their roof warranty covers most damage that could occur, failure to perform preventative maintenance in some cases can actually void a roof of its warranty. Considering some warranties require preventative measures or certain procedures to be followed, homeowners can not only lose the money they spent on a warranty but can then spend even more having to budget for greater replacements they assumed were already covered. Neglected roof issues over time can discount the warranty that preventative roof repair would have ensured was still intact.

Avoid electrical, drywall, and interior damage

Preventative roof repair stops damage before it moves beyond the roof, affecting a home’s electrical components, drywall, and interior furnishings. These concerns combined can become extremely expensive, and time-consuming, to fix. Don’t procrastinate, and stay on top of any interior damage, leaks, or changes that may alert you to greater issues within your home.

Maintaining roof maintenance and preventative roof repair may involve time and effort from homeowners, but the cost and concerns, in the long run, are far worse.

Though there never seems to be a “right time” for preventative roof repair, scheduling an inspection and being proactive can help homeowners gauge and plan for additional expenses for a roof. Preventative care, in the long run, is significantly more affordable, and budget-friendly, than the unexpected and unanticipated expense of installing a new roof. If you are unfamiliar with the condition of your roof, make sure a routine inspection is scheduled.

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