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Gutter Repair: DIY or Professional?

Jul 29th, 2019 // Uncategorized

Gutter repair is a favorite DIY for homeowners looking to save some money on their home improvement projects. With all the hardware and tools available at your local hardware store, it’s tempting to think Yeah, I can definitely do this myself. 

If you’re an experienced handyman or have replaced to repaired gutters before, you may do just fine. You worked out all the kinks the first time around. 

If you haven’t worked with gutters before, you shouldn’t be fooled by their outward simplicity. A properly functioning gutter system is the result of accurate calculations and quality parts. 

Here is a guide to help decide for yourself: should I hire a contractor for my gutter repair?

Gutter repair is dangerous

Depending on the height of your house, you may think Oh, my gutters aren’t that high. But a fall from any height can leave you with major injuries. Even gutter professionals fall from time to time. 

Faulty gutter systems often lead to rot in the siding or fascia, creating instability for the ladders propped against them. Gutter repair is dangerous work. 

There is no doubt that the hospital bills you accumulate after a trip to the emergency room will be way more expensive than hiring a professional.

There’s more than meets the eye

Gutters only work when they are installed at the proper pitch (slope). Gutter professionals make these calculations so often, it’s almost second nature. Some bad math could lead to a faulty system. Too steep and water will gush out, too shallow and water will stand.

Gutter professionals are acutely aware of other major problems to look for when gutters need to be replaced. Rot, bugs, mold, and rodents all leave signs that the pros know to look for.

If fascia or siding needs to be replaced before hanging new gutters, an untrained eye may miss the signs. 

Quality is key

Homeowners have limited access to quality gutter parts. Big box stores tend to carry one or two brands sold in smaller sections for easy transport. Smaller sections mean more seams, where gutter systems experience weakness.

Gutter professionals have access to the best gutter systems available. They have a wide range of styles, accessories, and seamless systems. Markup in home improvement stores will ultimately make the cost of the gutters themselves higher.

Transporting gutters is a delicate process. Gutters that become dented in transport are useless. Gutter professionals know how to handle these systems.

Guarantee for the the future

Some gutter brands available at home improvement stores may offer a warranty on their products. Often, they are only honored if the gutters were properly installed. A homeowner with little gutter hanging experience may find that they have voided this warranty. 

There is certainly no warranty on DIY labor. A gutter system installed by a professional is guaranteed for both labor and material. 

The Bottom Line

Gutter repair may seem like a simple weekend project. After multiple trips to the hardware store, adjusting your system, or worse, a failed attempt, hiring a professional will cost you less time and money. 

Hire a professional for your gutter repair and replacement. You’ll be glad you did. 

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