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How To Remove Roof Shingle Stains Without Bleach

May 25th, 2019 // Roof Repair

You look up on a bright spring day to find that your roof is riddled with stains. The snow, ice, and rain have wreaked havoc on your shingles. Whether it’s peppered with dark spots or covered with algae, roof stains should be taken seriously. They could be a sign of impending doom for your roof and simply look unsightly.

Bleach, although commonly used by roof cleaning services, is harmful to people, plants, pets, and parts that hold your roof together. Bleach will lighten roof stains but does not prevent them from coming back.

Note: What appears as a stain from afar may actually be missing patches of the asphalt granules that protect your roof. You may find them This may be caused by weather or a sign of a roof that’s past its lifespan. Roof repair or replacement may be necessary.

Here are the X steps to removing stains from your roof shingles without bleach.

1. Choose cleaning agent

There are tons of eco-friendly roof cleaners on the market to choose from. While bleach is an inexpensive, everyday item in most homes, spending a few extra dollars on a non-toxic formula is an investment the health of your roof, your environment, and your family.

When you use a non-toxic roof cleaner you don’t have to worry about ill effects of runoff. Check your local home improvement or hardware store for environmentally friendly options.

2. Clear gutters

Before any cleaning takes place, it’s important that the runoff is able to escape quickly and easily. If your gutters have leaves, needles, dirt, and debris, thoroughly clean them out before beginning.

3. Soak affected area

Using a garden hose, soak area well with plain water to remove dirt, debris, and leaves. Do not use a high-pressure hose of any sort as this will damage shingles.

4. Spray cleaner

Follow the label directions for diluting your eco-friendly cleaning solution if necessary. Mix cleaner and water in a low-pressure garden sprayer. Spray the cleaning mixture over the affected area, making sure it is well saturated.

Depending on the cleaning agent you use, you may need to let the mixture sit for 20-30 minutes before rinsing again with water.

5. Prevent regrowth

Once the stain is removed to your satisfaction, consider installing zinc or copper (algae resistant materials) strips under the shingling closest to the roof peak. As it rains, these small metal particles kill algae before they can fully take residence on your roof.

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