The 4 Best Home Improvement Projects To Tackle This Winter

Brrrr is an understatement. Spending time outdoors during an Indiana winter isn’t for the weak. At the same time, it’s easy to become stir crazy indoors. You can only rewatch Game of Thrones so many times.

While you may associate home improvement projects like roofing, deck building, and gutter repair with the sunny days of summer, there are a few projects you can tackle this winter.

Because if you have to be inside, you may as well make the most of it.


Interior Paint

Interior paint is one of the easiest and least expensive upgrades you can make to a home. Add an accent wall to anchor a large space or go all white for that straight-out-of-IKEA Scandinavian vibe.

And it’s not just the walls. Painting cabinets, built-ins, trim, and ceilings can also make a dramatic difference in a space.

Make it a family affair. Let children help choose paint colors for their spaces or make painting your bedroom a “date night.” If painting isn’t really your cup of hot cocoa, call a professional! You can still stay warm and cozy while you collect inspiration or create a mood board.


Basement Finishing

When you’re cooped up inside, you may find yourself looking for a new space to escape to for crafting, entertaining, or pumping iron. Winter is the perfect time to make a dark and dingy basement into a useable area.

As you order furniture, choose paint colors, and decide the best place for a pool table, leave the drywall finishing to a professional. We can help frame up your space into a sprawling oasis or sectioned sanctuary.


Attic Finishing

Attics are one of the most forgotten spaces in a home. Like a basement, they can be finished to provide extra space for guests, gaming, or growing families. With proper insulation, finished attics boast an impressive ROI, lowering energy bills and paying for themselves over time.

Attics don’t have to be the dark, scary places we’ve been lead to believe they are.


Window Replacement

It may seem counterintuitive; create a gaping hole in your home during the coldest months of the year. But winter window replacement comes with unique benefits.


Drafty places in your home are more apparent in the winter, making it easier to decide which to replace first. A reputable contractor will systematically replace windows, sealing construction off from other parts of the home.

Winter window replacement is more cost-effective. With decreased demand, many window installers will offer reduced rates during colder months. And when new, energy efficient windows are installed, the savings will begin immediately.


The Bottom Line

You don’t have to wait for summer to get started making your home a more functional, efficient, and beautiful place to live. Save your money (and your sanity) by tackling these home improvement projects while indoors is your only option.