What Bauerle Roofing is Thankful for This Season

When life gets busy it’s easy to take life’s simple pleasures for granted. It’s important to take a moment to give thanks to the people, places, and things that make life a little brighter.


Here are a few things that Bauerle Roofing is thankful for this season.


Our Customers

Put simply, we love our customers. We’ve been blessed to do great work for people that appreciate great workmanship and building genuine relationships.

Here are a few reviews from our wonderful customers from the past year:


“I had hail damage on my roof.  Called 3 well-known companies and only one of them responded, but never followed up.  My nephew recommended Bob and his company. I called him. He came on appointment as promised and even earlier.  He provided the estimate and he did a magnificent job. To top it all he even cleaned the handful of marks his crew made on my white siding.  His estimate total and his invoice were identical. With service like this, this young man will never go out of business. He made my house look brand new.  I recommend him 1000%. Thank you, Bob.”

-Ali Pournourbakhsh


“Mr. Bauerle is the most conscientious service vendor with whom I have ever dealt.  What distinguishes him from other roofing companies is his physical presence on the job site.  I had experienced roof leaks from my new construction build in the past and he located and fixed those leaks.  Then, when hail damaged my roof he replaced it and it is more beautiful — and I know more competently done — than the original builder.  If any tweaks were needed, his response time was only several hours from a call or e-mail. He stands behind his product and does not use stoned, doped up subs like other roofing companies.  He has a consistent crew that turns out a quality product. I would highly recommend him.”

-Ellen Fujawa


We’re proud of the work we’re able to do for these deserving people. Going above and beyond for our customers is a standard at Bauerle Roofing because every homeowner deserves peace of mind and a beautiful home.


Our Community

It’s been amazing to watch the greater Indianapolis area grow over the past year. Our communities of artists, craftsman, restauranteurs, musicians, and small businesses owners work together to create amazing spaces where people feel welcome.

We’re excited to see how cultural hubs in Indianapolis become more connected by new public transit systems, meetups, and collectives. Being a part of such a thriving, growing city is cause for celebration and a sense of pride.


Our Company

We’re a small company that likes it that way. Our contractors are some of the most reliable, hardworking, and courteous people we know personally. Projects are completed on time, tidily, with stellar workmanship because of the first-rate individuals we employ.

To better serve our current and future customers, our website is getting a facelift with more detailed information about our services and products. Keep a lookout for a shiny, new website before the holiday season is in full swing.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

We can’t thank you enough for the praise and word-of-mouth support you give us so we can continue to offer peace of mind to our clients. This holiday, we wish you and your family much abundance and joy.

And don’t forget to take some time to give thanks this season.