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How To Avoid These (Too) Common Roofing Nightmares

Oct 8th, 2018 // Blog, Roof Installation, Roof Repair

It hurts to say it. There are a lot of trusting people that place the most important part of their home into dishonest hands. Aside from typical roof maintenance and the occasional leak, there are a few horror scenarios that transpire at the hands of shoddy contractors who sacrifice quality for volume.

Don’t let yourself get caught in one of these nightmare scenarios that are all too common in the roofing industry.


Protect Yourself

This should go unsaid, but take the time to read, discuss, and sign a contract before engaging with a roofing contractor. Yes, there are “roofers” that operate without contracts and some, without insurance.

This breed of roofers isn’t in the business of diagnosing pre-existing or future roofing issues like structural weakness. They want their work to appear flawless from the outside (and they can) but without a contract, there’s no recourse to take once the roof collapses or leaks wreak havoc on your home.

Don’t just take the lowest bid you can find. It may end up costing you more to undo and redo inferior roofing than it would be to hire a reputable contractor initially. Do your research. Ask contractors for their insurance certificates, tax ID numbers, and client referrals, and contract before committing.  


Keep Warranties Intact

Reputable roofing suppliers offer warranties contingent on perfect installation. Choosing a roofing contractor that’s concerned with compliance to material warranties. Look for roofing contractors that are upfront about the specific brands of roofing material they carry. They’ll be experts on how to keep these warranties intact to protect you in case of a material failure.


Run and Gun Roofing

A giant hail storm has hit your part of the country. Suddenly, a bunch of “ roofing experts” emerge promising to fix storm damage. We call these guys “storm chasers.” They are professional patchers, ready to slap on new material without assessing further damage to gutter systems and other structures that will maintain the repair for years to come. Beware, they’re out there.


Slowmo Roofing

With the wrong contractor, a simple roofing repair can take weeks, even months. A shortage of material or workers can halt your project in its tracks, leaving you with an exposed roof or a big mess longer than you afford.

A good roofing contractor will be upfront about lead times for ordering material, project timelines, and expected date of completion. These should all be included in the initial contract. Unforeseen weather conditions are understandable but an open line of communication should be available at all times to check the progress of the job.


The Dump

Roofing is a messy business, but it can be controlled. There’s no reason your yard should look like the city dump. Families with children and pets should be extra wary of contractors that don’t have a disposal system and put them at risk for flying shingles and nails.

Read reviews and contact former clients to find a contractor that treats their customer’s home as if they were their own.


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