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How To Save Your Wallet From A Roofing Disaster

Jun 7th, 2018 // Blog

A house is worthless without its roof, yet many homeowners neglect their roofs until disaster strikes. Roofs can collapse or leak, threatening your safety, health, and possessions.

Homeowners should pay just as much attention to their roofs as they do to their plumbing, electrical, and other necessary home functions. Sometimes it’s as simple as looking up. And if you see a roof threatening situation across the street, be a good neighbor and give them a head’s up.

We’ll show you how to save your wallet (and possibly your life) from a roofing disaster.

Yearly inspections

It may sound like another chore to add to your long spring cleaning list, but scheduling a yearly roof inspection could save your thousands of dollars in the long run.

If you suspect a winter of heavy snow has compromised the integrity of your roof, schedule an inspection right away. If your climate welcomes heavy summer storms, the fall may be the opportune time to hire a professional inspector. Having your roof inspected after any bout of intense weather is ideal for preventing major problems in the future.

Clear snow

Especially during short winter days with heavy snowfall, there isn’t enough sun to melt snow and ice quickly. This can lead to overload, sagging, and ultimately roof collapse. Be proactive by purchasing a roof rake to clear accumulated snow regularly. If the snow isn’t melting in the midday sun, don’t let snow sit more than a few days.

Clean gutters regularly

A roof rake is also great for clearing accumulated leaves in the fall. Rake them away from gutters that can quickly fill with leaves, dirt, and debris. Clogged gutters can lead to leaks inside your home and the formation of mold that can affect health and is hard to get rid of.

For the eminent gutter clog, regularly inspect your gutters and clear them out with a hose or spade. A qualified roof inspection should also include a gutter inspection and cleaning.

Trim trees

Keep an eye on the trees surrounding your property and roof. During times of high wind or heavy snowfall, trees branches can remove layers of protective shingles or even puncture your roof on some occasions.

A roof inspector may identify threatening branches and suggest you hire a tree trimming service to cut back pesky parts of a tree without harming the plant.

The Bottom Line

Avoiding a roofing disaster is all about prevention. Be proactive by clearing snow and leaves from your roof’s surface and give your gutters a regular wash. Keep an eye on trees around your property and hire a professional to remove branches that are a little too close for comfort. For your annual (or biannual) inspections, call Bauerle Roofing.

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