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How to Properly Hang Christmas Lights

Dec 18th, 2017 // Blog

‘Tis the season for giving, spending time with family, and hanging the Christmas decorations around the house. If you are just getting started, we have put together a few tips for you. Follow these helpful tips on hanging Christmas lights and you can save yourself time, gutter damage, and even a fall or two.

Map it out

The wise one always says “proper planning produces positive results” and the same goes for Christmas lighting. If you start without a plan, you could end up doing more work than you need to. Take the time to sketch your home and plan which lights will be hung where. This will allow you to work through the process and finish with the best results.

Purchase the right parts

Hanging Christmas lights is just like making Christmas cookies. It all takes the right ingredients. If you are planning to hang lights on your home you will want the following items in your holiday arsenal:

    • Lights
    • Automatic Timer
    • Ladder
    • Light hooks
    • Hanging pole (if you aren’t a ladder type)

Measure twice, buy once

There is nothing more annoying than running to the store to buy your Christmas lights and finding that you come up short in length. Make sure you measure how many feet of lighting you actually need before making your initial trip. Remember, the less time you spend on a ladder the better.

Get prepared

If you are going to be scaling your roof by way of a ladder, you will want to make sure you take precautions before getting up there. Make sure you are wearing proper shoes that can grip the roof. If you are able to tie off using a rope to help in case of falls, make sure you find a strong point on your roof. But, most of all, evaluate the areas you will be navigating. Check for weak spots or wetness and always double check your footing.

Choose the right clips

When it comes to hanging lights, you will want strong clips that do not damage your gutter or roofing. Make sure each clip is properly installed so you can avoid lights falling and you having to get up to fix them. It is best to use an All-In-One clip which is the most universal. Pro tip: clip in the lights prior to hanging them so you can get your work done in half the time.

Sit back and enjoy the show

Once you are able to get your lights properly installed, double check for any loose clips or bulbs then wait for the right moment and plug them in (setting the timer accordingly). Round up the family and get your Clark Griswold on (Christmas Vacation anyone?).

If you notice there is any damage or anything that stands out while you are on your roof, please reach out to us immediately. We would be happy to ensure that you have a happy holiday free from leaky or caving roofs.

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