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6 Signs Your Home Needs New Siding

Aug 15th, 2017 // Blog, Siding Repair and Replacement, Uncategorized

Think of your home like a human body. The studs and concrete are the bones. The siding and exterior details are your skin. You know, what makes you, you. You are the brain that makes the home work. All of these components work and function together. But let one slip and the who system can come crashing down. Protecting your siding is a crucial step that can keep you and your home safe and secure. Let’s look at the signs you need new siding.


Heat Damage

You might have noticed your siding bubbling. This usually happens when your siding is exposed to extreme amounts of heat or humidity. You might notice it is only in certain areas, but your best bet is to call a professional to evaluate the problem. You might be able to save yourself thousands and only have to replace the area that needs to be treated.


After the storm

We do get a wicked storm here and there and it can wreak havoc on your siding. Hail damage can cause chipping, denting and cracking. Siding is your first defense against hail and adverse weather conditions. As soon as you notice these issues, replace it immediately.


Discolored Siding Panels

Nothing screams outdated and old more than discolored siding. Don’t let your home stick out like a sore thumb in a beautiful neighborhood. Breathe some life back into your home with new siding that will last you well into the future.


Dry rot and moisture issues

We live in a very weather-diverse area of the country and with that comes its challenges. From extreme colds to high heat and humidity, your siding can be in jeopardy for moisture related issues like fungus and dry rot. You should schedule a free consultation to assess the damage and make a place to remedy the situation.


Adding on

If you are working on a big home project and are deciding to bring on a new home addition, matching the siding can be difficult. This is prime time to make the decision on whether or not to have matching siding across the board. We say go for it!


Cracked or loose siding

Any type of penetration of your siding can leave your home open to a number of issues. Remember like we said earlier, your siding is your first defense against adverse weather and the elements. If you notice cracks or loose siding you need to make moves to fix it. Over time a small replacement of a few panels can turn into a full siding overhaul.

It is all about preventative measures that make siding a low maintenance part of your home. Bauerle Roofing offers free estimates and can assess your home’s needs, no matter the job. If you are noticing and visible damage or aging of your siding, let’s talk. What could it hurt, but your home?

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