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5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof

Jul 10th, 2017 // Blog

A roof over your head is an important thing, and one of the most costly items of your household. Keeping your roof in tip-top shape can be easy with properly scheduled maintenance, but even the most taken care of roofs need to be replaced. With the average roof lasting 20-to-25 years, you can plan ahead to get ready for the hefty project. Maybe that time is now. Here are some key indicators you might need to replace your roof.

Roof sagging
Roof sagging is a big indicator that you may need a new roof, but it can also be an indicator of a bigger problem in the foundation. When your roof undergoes heavy water damage it can wear down the support structure of your roofing. Furthermore, heavy snow and ice during winter can weigh heavily on your structure causes it to sag and buckle. If you notice heavy roof sagging, contact your local roofing contractor for a free consultation.

Curling, Broken, or Missing Shingles
Curling shingles are unattractive, broken shingles are a risk, and missing shingles are big problems. When shingles curl, break, or are missing they not only cause an aesthetic nightmare, they can cause leaks and further roof damage. From high winds to improper installation, shingle issues should be noted by your roofing contractor and replaced when necessary.

Sunlight in the attic
If you are putting things in the attic and notice any light shining through, it is extremely important to contact a roofing contractor. If light can get in, so can rain, drafts, and even snow. Locate the light and check for water stains around the area. If the water stains change over time, you have an active leak and are at risk for wood rot and structural damage.

Weather damage
Depending on the climate you live in and the impact of environmental issues, weather can take a toll on your roof. High winds can cause issues with shingles and tear parts of the roof apart. If your area experiences a decent storm, it is always worth scheduling a roofing consultation. (link to contact)

Moss and algae
Even though moss and algae are no major cause for concern, it can cause a mental trigger to make you hate the look of your existing roof. Whatever the case may be, do not take to the roof to power wash or scrape the undesirable growth off of your roof. Doing this can damage the roof and decrease the lifetime of your roofing.

These are just five of the signs that roofs may need to be replaced. Like we said earlier, a good roof can last a lifetime, but a poorly maintained roof will last a lot less. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Replacing a roof can give you peace of mind and allow you to select a beautiful new roof. For all your roofing needs, contact Baurele Roofing for a free estimate.

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