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Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

May 8th, 2017 // Blog

Stormy spring weather is upon us in Indiana, and now is the perfect time to get a roof inspection to be sure your home is protected from high winds and soggy downpours.


Snow, ice, and hail pelting your house during the winter can cause roof damage. You may just need some repairs to protect its integrity and extend the life of your existing roof. Or, if the damage is bad enough, it may be time to replace your roof.


How do you know? A roof inspection will help you decide.


What’s Included in a Roof Inspection?

Roofing is more than just shingles, although we’ll inspect those for curling, buckling and missing asphalt granules to see if they’re too worn down to work properly. During a roof inspection, we’ll also examine the wood decking beneath your shingles for any sign of water damage, which could mean you need a leak fixed and possibly a new roof.


We’ll check your gutters and downspouts for proper flow, make sure all flashing around vents or chimneys is tightly sealed, inspect soffit and fascia for rot or missing pieces, and look in your attic to verify proper ventilation and check for any gaps of daylight shining through.


Roof Repairs or Replace?

You may already know you need some roofing work done, but is the damage bad enough to warrant an entire roof replacement— or can you simply repair the roof? The experts at Bauerle Roofing will inspect your roof and give you an honest scope of recommended repairs, and we’ll only advise installing a new roof when it’s truly time to replace it.


It’s important to pick a trustworthy roofer, especially when dealing with any homeowner insurance claims, so you get the work you or your insurance company pays for, and that it’s done correctly and safely.


Roofing Home Inspections

Looking to buy a house, but want to make sure the roof is up to par? We will inspect it and give you a rundown of any roofing repairs the seller should fix before you make a deal.


Same goes for homeowners looking to sell — call us for a roofing inspection before you put your house on the market so you can begin repairs before potential buyers find the roofing flaws during a home inspection.


Save Money with a Roofing Inspection

Don’t let seemingly small problems like some missing shingles or clogged gutters turn into an expensive mistake. A roofing inspection can alert you to issues before they ruin the entire roof and damage your home’s interior, saving you money, time and frustration.


If we find during an inspection that your home requires repairs or a roof replacement, you can apply the money you spent on a roofing inspection toward that work. Contact Bauerle Roofing to schedule a roof inspection to ensure your home’s protected before Indiana summer storms roll in and our busy season begins.


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