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Ice dams - what you need to know before call a roofing contractor

Winter Roof Myths

Jan 9th, 2017 // Blog, Ridge Vent Installation

Here we are; the middle of winter. Though we haven’t seen a major storm roll through, Indianapolis roofs are still at risk as we move into the warmer months. Let’s look at a few myths when it comes to winter roofing.

1. Roofers don’t work in the winter

Contrary to popular belief, roofers are working year-round to service their clients. We are here to make sure any winter related issues are resolved, but we are also here to help you prepare for spring roofing projects.

If you are looking to repair or replace your roof, Bob at Bauerle Roofing will help you prepare and plan all starting with a FREE estimate.

2. I have to wait for spring to repair my roof

Winter months are just as, if not more important than warmer months as the cold can cause major issues to your existing residential roofs. Fridge cold temperatures can cause shingles to break and allow melting ice and snow penetrate your roof. This can lead to a long list of issues. Although there are some limitations when it comes to winter repairs, we can certainly help you find the best resolution to your roofing issues.

3. Roofs always last at least 10-15 years

True-ish. Roofs are built to last, as they should be based on the cost and work that goes into installing it on your beautiful home. However, your roofs lifetime is also based on the climate and current weather conditions. Excessive ice freeze, rainfall, hail and temperature fluctuations cause accelerate the deterioration of your roof.

4. I don’t need to worry about my roof unless something happens

In a perfect world, yes. However, we live in an unpredictable world with various weather patterns. The best thing a homeowner can to for their residential roof is to plan a yearly roof maintenance set-up to safeguard against any pending issues. Think of it like your yearly health check. Knowing about the problem before it exists will help keep your roof and home intact and your pocketbook in check.

5. Snow won’t hurt my roof

Sure, a little snow here and there will not destroy your roof, but it can if you let it build up. Roofs are meant to withstand only so much weight before it starts to suffer from structural damage. If you notice the weather not changing enough to melt some of the snow, you may want to find a way to remove some of the weight as it can cause the roof to cave in. Luckily, Indianapolis roofs do not see much snow to cause issues, but the weather is a tricky thing and major snow storms can come out of nowhere.

Be prepared and stay alerted this winter. If you notice any leaking or sloping in your roof, contact us immediately.

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