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Is your roof ready for winter weather?

Oct 4th, 2016 // Blog


With the winter months rapidly approaching, fall is the perfect time for Indianapolis-area homeowners to prepare their homes for the ice and snow ahead. Follow these tips from Bauerle Roofing of Indianapolis to prepare your home for winter, and ensure that the roof over your head keeps you warm and safe.


Clear your gutters

Once the leaves have dropped, it is the perfect time to clear out gutters before the weather gets too cold. Clean gutters help prevent ice damming — which occurs when water freezes and becomes trapped on the roof. If ice damming occurs, the icy water trapped on your roof can seep into walls and crawlspaces and cause leaks. To be certain your gutters are clear, after you’ve removed any debris, use a hose to rinse the gutters. By sending water through the downspouts, you’ll be able to assess any clogs. If you have a clog, you might have to use a chimney or pipe-cleaning brush to further clear the downspouts. Another area of concern with clogged gutters, is that any where the water leaks from gutters allows icicles to form.


Trim trees

Leaves and other tree debris are the usual suspects when it comes to clogged gutters and downspouts. By keeping tree branches away from your roofline, you can reduce wet leaves and dirt from building up and clogging your gutters.


Consider gutter guards

If you live in a heavily wooded area — or have trees close to the roofline — give gutter guards a thought. Gutter guards, gutter screens or gutter covers sit on top of the gutters and help to reduce debris collecting in the gutter.


Look for damage

Make sure that your gutters are secured properly to the roof line. It is important that gutters are screwed into the fascia, which runs under the roof’s edge. Keeping gutters secured to the fascia ensures that there are no gaps, and that the gutters can handle the weight of ice and snow. Examine fascia, siding and your foundation for signs of staining, rotting or other water-related damage.


Check downspouts & drainage

To work properly, water should be redirected at least 10 feet from the foundation of your home on a downward slope. To avoid potential problems this winter, make sure water flows away from the house and does not pool. Pooling water in the winter can cause dangerous patches of ice to form on walking and driving areas. If you typically divert water into a rain barrel, consider detaching the downspout from the barrel until warmer weather returns — or add a hose to the barrel drain to direct pass-through water away from the house. If your home’s downspouts don’t go out 10 feet, add extensions to your spouts. This will send the melting ice and snow farther away from the base of your home. When you check your downspouts, pay close attention to where the water goes when it drains out. These precautions can prevent injury in the winter and are very important.


Contact the pros

Your roof, gutter and downspout system is essential to keeping your home safe and dry this winter. Call 317.985.2344 and let Bauerle Roofing inspect your roof, gutters and downspouts to make sure they’re working at full capacity.

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