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5 Best Practices of Gutter Cleaning

Sep 14th, 2015 // Blog

In our previous post we discussed the importance of cleaning out your home’s gutter system on a regular maintenance schedule. We also discussed what NOT to do when attempting to clean out your gutters and some of the hazards to avoid when trying to conduct gutter maintenance, whether that includes getting on top of your roof or taking the ultra safe alternative of hosing out your gutters from the ground. Now that we’ve established what to avoid when trying to conquer your gutter cleaning, here are 5 best practices for thorough, efficient, and manageable gutter cleaning.

Wear Gloves.

Wearing hand protection is often overlooked when gutter cleaning, but it is a critical safety component when considering all the sharp and hazardous debris you come across when tending to your home’s gutter system. Find a reliable pair of gloves that are strong, durable and can outlast your home improvement projects. Try to avoid leather or cotton gloves, they may be comfortable, but they are not designed for heavy housework and can be get ruined when wet. 

Use a ladder.

Ladder safety may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d surprised at the number of ladder-related accidents that occur each year involving homeowners attempting to do home maintenance. Make sure to select a sturdy and well-balanced industrially manufactured (if possible) ladder to complete your next gutter cleaning job. Avoid fiberglass or wooden ladders, they are not worthwhile in the sturdiness category. Choose a four-legged ladder if your working on one-story structure, and an extension ladder for anything that is taller.

Always have a spotter.

Gutter cleaning exposes homeowners to so many hazards – falling down, hazardous objects, being overwhelmed with the amount of work, etc. It is in your best interest to have an extra set of eyes monitoring the situation. Ask a dependable person to be your spotter and keep an eye on you while you climb onto the ladder or as you forage through the debris that is logged in your gutter system. Ideally, gutter cleaning is not a one person job, and seeking help can will not only give you sense of safety, but may help you finish the job faster. 

Wear protective eyewear.

Most people don’t consider this, but when you’re gutter cleaning, you run the risk of having random objects fly at your face, especially if you’re using a portable leaf blower to remove debris from your gutters. It’s imperative when gutter cleaning, that you wear protective eyeglasses or goggles to prevent a tragic accident from occurring.

Consider semiannual gutter cleaning services.

One way to manage your gutter cleaning and to reduce your workload is to have gutter cleaning services scheduled for twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring. Regularly scheduled gutter cleaning helps to eliminate the chances of having water damage from rainwater runoff, a common problem that is often caused by a clogged gutter system. Another  reason for regulatory gutter cleaning is to prevent rust corrosion, which is often generated by the debris plugged inside the gutters.


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