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What Prospects Look for in a Roof When Buying a New Home

Aug 30th, 2015 // Blog

Selling your home can be somewhat of a fortunate hassle. The idea of putting a home on the market that you’ve outgrown and starting anew is an exciting scenario. Not understanding why your home is not attracting viable buyers on the other hand is an entirely separate predicament. But what you might not know is that your roof may very well be the cause of your failed house selling attempts.

Your roof is one of the most important feature in your Indianapolis home, and its worn-out state may convince prospects to steer clear of your home. At Bauerle Roofing, our Indianapolis team of expert roofing technicians have responded to several roofing inspection calls to gauge if the home’s roof in good enough shape to solicit to interested home buyers. Buying a new home is a tremendous step, and the more informed and prepared you are for your prospects, the smoother the transaction will be. Below we’ve listed some of the most important factors that may or may not persuade your home buying prospects. Because we all know, when buying a new home, 

Roofing Damages to Consider When Buying a New Home

When selling your Indianapolis home, extensive damages are usually play a part in why home buyers are reluctant to make a purchase. Get a thorough inspection of your roof and contact a local and trusted roofing professional for an itemized list of the services needed to restore your home’s roofing back to a relatively new condition. Like with any item on sale, when buying a new home, buyers will usually attempt to bargain a lower offer depending the visible damage they see. Be sure to get quotes from numerous roofing service providers because prices waver depending on the company. With your list of roofing damage repair quotes, you are now able to gauge the extent of your damage and move forward accordingly, either repairing the roof or selling the home as-is. Understand that whichever route you take, you’ll have to adjust your selling price to accomodate each scenario and appeal to prospects who are interested in buying a new home.

Also keep in mind that going through with the roof repair will make a your home far more attractive to those considering buying a new home. A great looking home will appeal to far more home buyers than one that looks like it needs immediate repair. So repair your home’s roof maybe more cost-effective when it comes to selling your home at a competitive rate and within a shorter timeframe.

Home Buyers Consider a Roof’s Lifespan When Buying a New Home

When buying a new home, buyers tend to pay attention particularly to the lifespan of your home’s roof. Knowing that you’re roof is a considerable investment that is built to last an exceptionally long time, chances are your home buyers does not want to purchase a brand new roof right after buying a new home.To assure your home buyer that your roof is still ahead of it’s time, request a roofing technician to conduct maintenance service on your roof and to certify the roof for at least a few more years. This will provide your prospects with peace of mind and the assurance that they will not have to purchase a new roof immediately following their buying a new home. Also, make all warranty information clear, and if you can provide supporting paperwork, even better.

To evaluate your home’s roof or to certify its maintenance upkeep, please contact Bauerle Roofing of Indianapolis at 317-985-2344.

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