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Why Bauerle Roofing Indianapolis?

Jul 9th, 2015 // Blog

why Bauerle Roofing Indianapolis?Let’s talk roofing: How long have you been living in your current home? When was the last time your roof was checked for damages and potential risks? Do you have homeowner’s insurance – is your roof covered in your agreement? Do you plan  on moving anytime soon? It turns out that most Indianapolis homeowners haven’t the slightest idea what role these housing components play in relation to their roofing. Bauerle Roofing Indianapolis strives to make Indianapolis homeowners that much more aware of the current structural state of their roof and what the following steps should be in regards to repairing your roof and protecting your Indianapolis home.

Having been a devoted seasoned roofing and general contracting company in the Indianapolis and Greater Indianapolis region, Bob Bauerle and his crew are striving every day to up the ante in customer service and bring higher quality contracting and roofing services to the Indianapolis community. Here’s how we provide that.

We’re Professionals

Bauerle Roofing Indianapolis is a licensed, bonded, and insured general contracting and roofing services contractor. Bob Bauerle and his team of expert roofers go the extra mile to ensure that your home project or roof repair service is handled with care, efficiency, and utmost professionalism. Whether your home needs a roof installation, roof repair, or gutter and siding upgrade, the crew at Bauerle Roofing Indianapolis is highly-trained and experienced in all those roofing agendas.

We’re Trusted

No relationship is complete without trust, and at Bauerle Roofing we are fixated on developing long-term relationships with our Indianapolis and Greater Indianapolis clients and prospects. Bauerle Roofing has been a part of the Indianapolis community for nearly 15 years and with every minute we are continually reminded of the gravity of our work and why we commit ourselves to a higher quality of performance and results.

Bauerle Roofing is also a celebrated roofing services establishment, having won several notable awards and certifications from high caliber institutions, including:

We’re Indianapolis-based

You might not realize this, but there are certain benefits you cannot attain from hiring an out of town roofing contractor. Because it’s so easy to pose as a contractor, the trust factor with a remote roofing contractor is fickle. Anyone with a decently-crafted business card and work truck can imitate a roofing contractor and provide you with false and sometimes detrimental information, and often times exploit your finances.

At Bauerle Roofing Indianapolis, we’ve established a sustainable reputation within the Indianapolis and Greater Indianapolis community and we’ve left our stamp of quality on our assignments and our customer service. But more importantly, because we are an Indianapolis firm, we know the area and its homes explicitly. We have extensive experience on the various types of homes and roofs common in the region and we often come highly recommended from someone you may know very well.

Experienced. Professional. Locally invested. Bauerle Roofing has been providing expert roofing services to the Indianapolis geographic for almost two decades. We are well-known, respected, and trusted throughout the Indianapolis and Greater Indianapolis community and we strive every day to maintain that perception to the best of our abilities.

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