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Roof Renovations – 5 things every homeowner should know

Jun 22nd, 2015 // Blog

roof renovations - 5 things every homeowner should know - bauerle roofing IndianapolisIf you’re renovating your home, the roof is not the spot to miss. Being one of the most secure investments you’ll ever make in your property means that your home’s roofing should not be lower that #2 on your list of items to replace. Before you proceed to pick up a hammer or contact your friendly neighborhood roofing contractor, here are some things you should be privy to while you conduct your roofing renovations.

Should you get rid of your old roof?

One of the crossroads you’ll encounter when doing roofing renovations is deciding if whether or not you should discard your current roof or simply place the new roofing material on top it. There are opposing perspectives however.

Using an overlayment method for your roof renovation is not favorable for roofing warranties, it overloads your roofing structure with unnecessary weight, and the entire operation can be quite costly. The good part: Having to tear off the old rooftop will allow your to thoroughly inspect the roofing exterior and see the extent of previous damages done.

If your roof has experience very little damage, tear-off method can prove to be beneficial. Overlayment on your current roofing structure is considered to be one the quickest, cheapest, and convenient under the previous aspects. One thing to keep in mind: The overlayment process has to align with your structure’s building codes.

Are roof renovations worth it?

There are two defining factors that come into play in regards to roof renovations; affordability and trying to sell your home. The first, you can’t afford to have repairs done on your roof. Roofing renovations easily cost thousands of dollars to fix, restore, or replace.

The second factor takes place when homeowners are trying to sell their home faster. Your roof is pivotal asset that homebuyers look into when trying to decide on a home. Following through with your roof renovations will make your property more appealing to prospects during showings. Having your roof repaired will also serve a price negotiation point, because sellers will often set a pricing floor depending on the current condition of their roof and if whether or not it is likely to require future reparations.

Stick it out or renovate?

So exactly are you supposed to decide if you should hand over a fortune for repairs or to just tough it out and pray for the best or sell your property as-is.

Get educated. Find out everything you can about your home, so that when buyers drill you with intricate questions, you’ll be primed and ready. Learn about the history of your home, how long it’s been since certain repairs were done, and any warranties that prospects should know of in case they were to purchase the property and something goes awry.

Secondly, hire a local service provider (for your roof: a professional roofer) for an inspection. An inspection ensures that all bases are covered in reference to the current state of your home and underlines the issues that both you and homebuyers should be aware of for ‘in case” purposes.

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