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Roof Repair Blogs to Help Accelerate Your Next Project

Apr 21st, 2015 // Blog

roof repair blogs to help accelerate your next project - Bauerle Roofing IndianapolisFor you Do-It-Yourself-ers out there who enjoy taking the occasional stab at home repair projects despite the temptation to lunge for the yellow pages directory or probe Google for answers, we applaud you. And to show our gratitude and to encourage you to keep breaking things, we’ve listed a few roof repair blogs that may or may not answer your next series of “missing shingle” questions. But we think you’ll like them nonetheless.

Metal Roofing Alliance

The MRA is a nationwide initiative established in 1998 with a commitment to promote forward-thinking roof repair strategies based on the benefits of metal roofing. This blog is both informative and engaging and provides readers and experts alike with trustful resources and ideas for a range of roof repair options. You are bound to find the answers you need or quick read that is just as insightful.

Roofer 911

Based in Virginia, it’s abundantly clear that the emergency roof repair technicians at Roofer 911 know what they are talking about. Emerged in the late 2010s, the blog provides vibrant resources and guides to are still relevant with current roofing issues that many homeowners face.

Bob Vila

From engaging with ice dams, to quick and convenient repair tricks for leaky roofs, and the benefits of switching to biodegradable roofing materials, the Bob Vila multifunctional home care website is a wealth of knowledge for everything home repair. Mainly known for his extensive 30-year career as a television host for home improvement shows such as This Old House and Restore America with Bob Vila, Bob is now using the web to reach his audience of homeowners and home repair enthusiasts.


Elocal.com is a web-based recruitment agency committed to linking consumers with local businesses that can serve their needs, all you have to do is plug the service you want and the zip code of your area. Eloca.coml is a free service, providing home repair service companies with a comprehensive profile to promote their products, services, and mode of contact. Elocal.com also provides guests with informational literature, with guides and articles beeming with answers for their most pressing home repair inquiries.

North American Roofing

With core values based on respect, servitude, and accountability, North American Roofing is striving to be the most trusted sources for roof repair services and guidance nationwide. With 35 years in roof repair and offices planted all throughout the country, some might say they’ve already reached their primary goal. The North American Roofing blog is indefinitely scroll-worthy with vibrant content based on consumer experience, ideas, and expectations.

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