Roof Renovations – 5 things every homeowner should know

If you’re renovating your home, the roof is not the spot to miss. Being one of the most secure investments you’ll ever make in your property means that your home’s roofing should not be lower that #2 on your list of items to replace. Before you proceed to pick up a hammer or contact your … more »

The Best Roofs for Harsh Weather Conditions

Thunderstorms – where the experience of deafening thunder met with jolting lighting is enough to make any grown man or woman sink a little deeper underneath the covers. When it comes to thunderstorms, we like to find comfort in knowing that our home is a safe haven from all the potentially disastrous elements outside. But … more »

The Benefits of Hiring Local Indianapolis Roofers

Sometimes having a little history can be a great thing. Which is why hiring local Indianapolis roofers is key in receiving good quality roof repair, installation, or maintenance services. Big box roofing contractors may very well offer decent roofing services, however local Indianapolis roofers will have distinctive qualities that are credible, sensible, and priceless. Personal … more »

5 Types of Roofs that are Well Worth the Money

When buying just about anything, being knowledgeable about the product or service in question is a key contributor to making a successful and rewarding purchase. Whether you’re plotting on buying a metal roof or you’re leaning towards asphalt shingles, it’s critical that you make sure the roof you are purchasing is well worth the effort … more »

The Good, The Bad, The Worn Out Roof

What many homeowners don’t realize is that the longer you postpone your roofing maintenance or replacement, the more sensitive your roofing structure becomes and the higher of a flight risk you’ll have your hands. A worn out roof is a ticking hazard waiting to drain your pockets time, and energy. Chances are, you’re no expert … more »
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